Contribute your apprenticeship tax

The apprenticeship tax to support all our projects

With your valuable support, CREATES Graduate School is developing projects in line with the values and goals that we share, which are to:

  • Develop our apprenticeship programs.
  • Innovate in education.
  • Increase employability: assist students as they prepare for their future career.
  • Support research.
  • Submit proposals to national and international calls.

For more information

For any questions regarding payment of the apprenticeship tax, contact Elodie Le Roch, head of industry relations

What is the apprenticeship tax?

The apprenticeship tax is a legal obligation for companies and is designed to help finance technological and vocational training. According to the latest provisions, the product of the apprenticeship tax is divided into two categories:

  • 87% of the apprenticeship tax finances apprenticeship training (former apprenticeship quota).
  • 13% finances initial technological and professional education, excluding apprenticeships, as well as other educational programs, and corresponds to the current "out-of-quota" share.

A direct payment without intermediary

In 2021, companies can choose to pay the 13% share of their apprenticeship tax ("out-of-quota") directly to the university and its component schools, faculties and institutes.

Make a meaningful contribution by supporting our training programs and our goal of developing education.

=> The payment deadline is May 31, 2021.

How to pay your apprenticeship tax

There are two ways of paying the apprenticeship tax. You can make a bank transfer or send a check, by following the procedure below:

Bank transfer  Check
Université Côte d'Azur banking information
Apprenticeship tax 2021 payment slips
Send it to:
Agence Comptable Université Côte d'Azur
89 avenue George V
06046 Nice Cedex 1